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Trapped in the Dark?? 

When the lights go out  ...

Lumenite Light Sleeves

show you the way out 

* Failsafe emergency lighting    * Instant automatic activation  * Sites kept illuminated under all conditions      * Low initial cost     * No ongoing costs     * No batteries     * No main power source needed     * No wiring       * No alterations to your existing fittings     * No tools needed     *No switches    * No internal parts        *Increased security    * Increased safety    * Environmentally friendly   *Provides tube breakage protection  *Glass containment device  * 100% reliable  * Nontoxic  * Quick & easy to install  * Last up to 20 years

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Lumenite Stair Edge Strips


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Lumenite Safety Signs

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Dear Customer,

We have pleasure in presenting the 2011 Lumenite® range containing the very latest in High Performance Photoluminescent (HPPL) technology in life saving products, including our patented Lumenite® Light Sleeve.

In studying building safety, the founders of Lumenite® identified the need for improved emergency evacuation systems and the products on offer in the following pages are the result of years of painstaking research and development.

They apply not only to buildings, but also to mines, tunnels, rail carriages and subway systems, oil & gas platforms, commercial and military shipping and marine applications, car parks; in fact virtually any space that uses artificial lighting that could fail, and which could benefit from a fail-safe visual guidance system for expedient and efficient evacuation or movement of personnel.

Lumenite® HPPL products incorporate the now universally accepted strontium alluminate technology which absorbs and stores available ambient light, and immediately begins releasing visible light once the light source is removed.

Its slow release characteristics mean that light is visible for many hours, being most powerful during the critical early phases of evacuation and gradually diminishing over time. Whilst electrically powered emergency evacuation systems can be brighter, they can never be as reliable.

The many features and benefits of Lumenite® HPPL systems are listed on the pages that follow and include:


   instant and failsafe activation

100% reliable; always on; no hazardous delay period waiting for a generator to start; does not rely on  maintenance having been performed, batteries being charged, or lamps & other components; nothing to fail


    saving money

low initial cost, quick & easy to install, no ongoing costs, no maintenance, no power usage, no batteries, no wiring


    environmentally friendly

non-toxic, non-radioactive, no-batteries, no-energy usage

It is the legal duty and moral obligation of Building Owners, Property Managers, Facility Managers, OHS&W Personnel, Purchasing Officers, Administrators and all decision makers and influencers to ensure that their staff, visitors and all people attending their facilities are safe, and given the best possible chance of returning home to their families.

Lumenite® HPPL products are a vital component of people safety, therefore we use only the highest quality materials and methods in our production processes, yet maintain prices at minimal levels to ensure best possible value to the customer, and the opportunity for more budget conscious and prudent decision makers to avail themselves of the Lumenite® visual guidance range of products.

We invite you to select products from this website, or to contact us to discuss your needs if not specifically covered herein as we can produce a wide range of solutions in addition to our standard range.

Best regards,

Kevin Keech

Managing Director

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